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Previously DAB airspace in the UK has been operated purely by commercial radio gatekeepers determined to make life difficult for new, potentially rival, entrants.

Instead West Sussex Digital’s application is democratising access to the digital airwaves. With no single controlling shareholder or director, and a board made up of charity, community and commercial operators all working together, we’re here to give you a chance of getting on the air.

Have you got an existing station that you feel would appeal to West Sussex Audiences? Do you have an idea for a new station that you want to try out? Are you a community, charity or other organisation who feels being on air might benefit your operation? If so, we want to hear from you!

Even if you have no previous radio experience, our team are experts at getting services on the air in an affordable and compliant way and we’d love to help and support you.

Use our contact form to get in touch and let us know about your station or idea!