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Welcome to West Sussex Digital #

West Sussex Digital Ltd is a consortium of local broadcasters and organisations who intend to apply for the Small Scale DAB (SSDAB) Digital Radio licence for West Sussex.

We are the only applicant with all members and stations based in the licenced broadcast area.

Our aim is to open up the digital airwaves to organisations who may not have considered using the medium of radio, and our team would be happy to assist you with your radio ideas.

Worthing Pier
Chichester Town Centre



Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you so please get in touch using the form below. Name: Email Address: Contact Number: Message: Spam check: What is 7 + 3? Submit

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Support Our Bid

Your support is gratefully received and will be passed onto Ofcom as part of our application. Your Name: Email Address: Postcode: Please add a message of support if you feel it appropriate Spam check: What is 4 + 2? Submit

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Press Coverage

Chichester Observer: Worthing Herald: Sussex Express website: https://www.sussexexpress.co.uk/whats-on/arts-and-entertainment/this-is-why-new-west-sussex-digital-radio-group-has-been-formed-and-what-it-could-mean-for-listeners-4085032 Radio Today: https://radiotoday.co.uk/2023/04/west-sussex-digital-keeps-it-local-with-dab-application-plans/

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For Stations

Previously DAB airspace in the UK has been operated purely by commercial radio gatekeepers determined to make life difficult for new, potentially rival, entrants. Instead West Sussex Digital’s application is democratising access to the digital airwaves. With no single controlling shareholder or director, and a board made up of charity, community and commercial operators all working together, we’re here to give you a chance of getting on the air. Have you got an existing station that you feel would appeal to West Sussex Audiences?

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For Listeners

What’s in it for me? More stations, more music genres, more choice, more local voices and information on the air. Our application will help remove the barriers previously preventing specialist, niche and ultra-local services to operate and entertain you. Why should I support West Sussex Digital’s application? We are 100% local to West Sussex, we are formed of Community, Charity and Commercial stations based in West Sussex and working together to provide a better listening experience for you.

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About Us

West Sussex Digital ltd are a group of individuals, businesses and charities from West Sussex that have come together to apply to operate the digital radio licence for South West Sussex. Each organisation or individual listed below takes a position on the board and steers the operation of the multiplex away from being another commercial radio cash cow, and towards actively serving the communities it broadcasts to: Chichester Hospital Radio - Established in 1972, CHR is a charitable organisation staffed entirely from volunteers and providing bedside entertainment to St.

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